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I solve complex design problems and create amazing user experiences.

I have been doing design and research for the last 7+ years in many different fields, some of these include, e-commerce, finance, education, aerospace, industrial, retail, and pharmaceutical. I currently work at Cabela's as a Senior UX Designer, heading up their research testing efforts. I work with a great team and we are doing some really neat work. More recently, I have been more focused on UX research, UX strategy,product and UX management. I have lead the research and testing efforts on many large scale projects resulting in great success for my current company and clients.


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"Good design is usable, simple, and attractive. In order to create good design it requires a fine balance of usability, user empathy, aesthetics, keen business acumen, and a deep understanding of your users"
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Good user experiences makes us all happy!

If you want good designs that are usable and entice your users, you should consider design holistically from product creation

Simplifying the Check Out Experience on Cabelas.com

  • Simplified the check out process by removing unnecessary information which could be distracting or lead them out of the checkout process
  • Increased conversition rate for checkout pages which lead to a $50 million dollar increase in revenue
  • Reduced help desk tickets and call center calls regarding checkout significantly

  • Role: Lead Researcher and Usability Tester
  • Redesign of Cabelas.com Homepage

  • Redesigned the homepage to better match how our customers shop our website, added several new sections (sales area & learning area) based on our research and personas
  • Lead to an increase in may KPI's such as a decrease in bounce rate, more CLUB (Cabela's credit card), better CTR and engagement with products on the homepage and learning pages

  • Role: Lead Researcher and Usability Tester
  • Other Notable Research/ Projects with Cabela's

  • Created behavioral based personas that are used throughout various teams at Cabela's
  • Journey map creation for several of the projects that we have worked on along with a shopping journey map from the discovery phase of a product to the post purchase behaviors
  • Competitive benchmark study showing how Cabela's compares to 4 other competitors in the outdoor retail space. Based on SUS scores on finding products both browsing and searching, along with ease of use and desirability ratings
  • Mobile Research initiatives that have lead to a 4 star + rating in the app store and several awards. Research includes, how customers use their mobile device in the outdoors, mobile shopping and using a mobile device in the store
  • Usability testing of our catalogs which helped inform our current and future designs of catalogs which has lead to a better integration of print to digital
  • Usability Test for GE Healthcare

  • Investigated the current Biacore product and to come up with solutions to improve the usability of the product
  • Defined and analyzed the current problems with key stakeholders and users
  • Conducted usability tests with the users and provided ranked problem areas a long with a heauristic evaluation
  • Created personas for the product team and provided design recommendations

  • Role: Lead Researcher and Usability Tester
  • Redesign of Caution and Warning System for SAAB

  • Conducted key stakeholder interviews with pilots and SMEs to better understand the cockpit experience
  • Created a scaleable error code system that matched the severity of the warning along with the context of the warning that was occuring to the code
  • Created an alert system for HUD and rumble pack that was based on severity of the warning
  • Role: Researcher and Designer
  • Redesign of Seco Tools B2B website

  • Redesigned the B2B experience of Seco Tools to better match the users of the B2B site
  • Conducted a lot of stakeholder and customer interviews to uncover the business and user goals
  • Made it easier for the B2B purchaser to buy in bulk, re-order and customize 'order lists'
  • Wrote my master thesis on this project, which you can find here.
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